DICSA'S priority objective is to provide Trust and Satisfaction to its Parties in the products and/or services provided by the Company.


For this reason, from its firm commitment to the environment and to its customers, DICSA seeks first to ensure that its products or services are manufactured or distributed with the highest levels of quality in accordance with the legislation, standards, codes and specifications required in each case. Our core business is focused on designing and manufacturing of high pressure stainless steal fittings. We are also a global benchmark in hydraulic and pneumatic ranges, with their corresponding connections and components.



DICSA´S Management, knowing that an adequate Integrated Quality and Environmental Management policy should not be limited to the evaluation of the characteristics of a finished product or service, has encouraged the realization and implementation of an Integrated Management System to ensure that from the production phase, up to the after-sales service, its management is oriented to exceed customer expectations, promoting continuous improvement in line with strategic planning, always thinking about the development of innovative projects that meet the expectations of relevant parties, including the Society.


DICSA'S Management is committed to protecting the Environment, including the prevention of pollution, and in achieving the highest levels of Quality that the market demands at competitive costs. For this reason, objectives are set in line with the Strategic Plan for control and/or improvement of the same, which are communicated periodically to all personnel.


DICSA considers as well that the involvement of everyone at all levels is fundamental for DICSA'S value proposal to be environmentally sustainable and to meet the expectations of the Client and all the Interested Parties.


DICSA considers the knowledge of the activity to be developed, the availability of adequate means, professional experience, the necessary delegation of authority, and the recruitment and retention of talent, fundamental for a correct personnel policy. Because of this, DICSA encourages and promotes all activities of training and development of its personnel that improves their competences and their implication for the function that they carry out.


Signature of the Senior Manager:

Daniel Carmen