DICSA offers full service based on providing personalized attention. Innovation and adaptability focused on our clients.

360º services, custom-made solutions .

WE ARE NOT ONLY MANUFACTURERS, WE ARE SOLUTION SUPPLIERS. At DICSA we offer innovating solutions for our clients to face the most difficult challenges at daily basis.

Hydraulic Experts

Custom-made solutions. Nevermind the industry you are in or the intended use of your hydraulic equipment.

DICSA technical team will individually study, assess and test all workable designs and it will adjust to your particular technical specifications. 


Our avant-garde hydraulic  shop let DICSA to be pioneer on design and manufacturing of minipower packs as well as modificating gear pumps, cilinders, distributors, valves and minipower packs.



  1. Innovación
  2. Calidad
  3. Adaptabilidad

Stainless Steel Excellence

We are manufacturers and specialists in stainless steel fittings. We dispose with the best flexible SS fittings, rigid pipes, industrial fittings, weldings, control elements and all sort of accesories.

We have the most innovative equipments of the market and the most strict quality certificates attest our career.


In constant digital evolution with our manufacturing processes which encourages connectivity, automation, control and real time tracking of all of our products.


  • automatización robotica

    Robotic process automation

  • transfers de alta producción

    High-Production Transfers

  • maquinas de corte

    Cutting machines

  • cnc area

    CNC Area

  • dobladoras

    Bending Machines

  • Crimping machines

    Crimping Machines

  • maquinas automaticas

    Automatic Machines

  • maquinas semi-automaticas

    Semi-Automatic Machines

  • macadora de piezas


  • maquina lavadora

    Washing machines