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DICSA - Mini Power Packs

We offer you the possibility to design your own hydraulic power units adapted to your requirements, satisfying your specific needs by providing exclusive solutions. Discover our Mini Power Packs catalogue!

Our technical team design and define mini power pack according to your requirements, but also follow your guidelines or suggest improvements, as well as modify a current power pack adapted to your new working conditions.


/Pre-assembled Mini Power Packs /

DICSA offers you a range of pre-assemble mini power pack ready for use. They gather the most standard applications providing a simple yet very complete solution for the most recurrent market demands.


/Customized Mini Power Packs/

Customized Mini Power packs are assembled upon request. No matter your sector activity or the application required, the technical staff of DICSA will study your case individually. Mini power packs will be evaluated and validated with the most convenient design. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our customers and business partners.


The hydraulic unit pushes the load its way up in the Single acting Mini Power Packs. The load can be held in place by means of a 2/2 solenoid cartridge valve and eventually the load goes down by gravity, the descent speed can be adjusted by turning the restrictor valve. On the other hand, in the double acting Mini Power Packs the hydraulic unit can push or pull the rod of a double acting cylinder. This opens the possibility for more complex manoeuvres. This configuration can also be translated to hydraulic motors turning in 2 directions.


DICSA Mini Power packs test bench


/Mini Power packs test bench /

Certified quality. All hydraulic units are tested in our state-of-the-art test bench. Test reports with working conditions and results are always included and delivered attached with any power pack assembled and delivered from our facilities.

This test is performed in accordance with the specifications set by the costumer. After running a programmed set of duty cycles, the maximum pressure and the flow rate working range are determined. State of the art DICSA test bench can perform analysis on a very wide range of working conditions. Flow up to 25 l/min, pressure up to 350 bar, and power supply in both AC or DC up to 4kW.

Trust us and we will grow together.