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DICSA tutorial video - YouTube

DICSA FAQ´s videos on Youtube. We make your work easier! Discover the applications of our connectors and components hydraulic. These videos can help you improve your working skills.


These videos show you how our products have to be welded, assembled, cut… Learn how to quickly and easily assemble your new PRO7- Hydraulic Hose Rack with capacity for seven hose rolls. We also show you how to weld a ferrule to the stainless steel hose, How to change gear pump rotation… all of this and more on our DICSA channel. 

/DICSA e-commerce video tutorial/

In this video tutorial we show you how to access to our e-commerce, create auxiliary users, check your commercials terms, request offer and generate Orders, select shipment of Orders, shipment tracking, add check technical data…. Discover the endless possibilities that DICSA´s website offer you!


This channel has the goal to solve the most frequently asked questions. Our main objective is to make your work easier. For further information contact our comercial deparment!