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New DICSA's website! Download user guide


We make your work simpler and more effective through our website so much easier, faster searches and more enjoyable. You also have access to the 3d images of stainless steel and carbon steel products.


DICSA new website

/More intuitive user experience/

The upgraded website enhances the user experience through its attractive design and easy-to-use interface.  We have made it our priority to improve small details and user-friendly navigation structure to find the required information quickly and efficiently.

/New Functionalities/

New characteristics and functionalities have also been developed whereby you can perform a safest and faster purchasing transaction. You can check on your company account, called digital platform the product availability, technical documentation. You will be able to access the Commercial sales terms and you can also issue offers, consult prices & delivery times. In addition, you can create auxiliary users with different permissions, duplicate recurring orders.  


/Multilingual website/

Committed to internationalization. DICSA is an international benchmark in the distribution of connectors and hydraulic and pneumatic components. We differentiate ourselves by our fast delivery service. We reach more than 4,500 customers dynamically and efficiently, located in more than 100 countries. We guarantee the optimal quality of our stock of more than 65,000 products. We count with delegations in Europe, United States and Asia, so we minimize transport time, and we speed up deliveries. Our website is available in five languages: Spanish, English, French, Italian and German.