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Time for something New! Catalogues 2022

NEW CATALOGUES- You can have now the new DICSA catalogues, in which we have included a wide variety of new ranges and hydraulic products. In addition, we remind you that new price lists are in effect from 1 July. The latest innovations included in our catalogues are presented below.



DICSA catalogues 2022


New Stainless Steel Fittings

We manufacture with you in mind. In our Stainless-Steel Fittings Catalogue we have developed

A new series of PTFE Ferrules with smooth profile, easy assembling and valid for one- and two-pieces fittings available in stainless and carbon steel. You can also discover metric females swivel 24º without o’ring for high temperature applications, with chemical resistance and swivel females interlock with cutting ring and wired nut (also in carbon steel).

Moreover, we have included LARGE SCALE FITTINGS 2” 1/2, 3” & 4” and extended our range of 37º JIC fittings and SCH (Butt Weld) y SW (Socket weld). we also have a better and greater selection of adapters, weldable metrical swivel female without o’ring, complete heavy series clamps. In respect of  our industrials fittings we have new BW weldable camlock and plugs for food industry (DIN 11851 & SMS).

/ BWS SERIES 3SP/4SP/ R12/4SH & BW+ R13/R15 Non skiving/ 

One of the most important products developments in the company is BWS Serie, one piece for 3SP/4SP/ R12/4SH Hoses & BW+ Series for R13/R15 Hoses (high pressure one piece). Available in stainless and carbon steel. These Series reduces assembly time (no skiving), are more versatile, this option allows you to reduce your products stock (also available in two pieces).

As regards accessories and control elements, flow measuring we have made new incorporations to our brand TRΔLE®:  NPT 7241 B & flat face iso16028 quick couplings, way ball valve female BSP flow and direct acting steel relief BSP valves. We've also expanded our RANGE OF TRΔLE® LOK and we have incorporated AUTOMATIC PUSH-IN FITTINGS (Hydraulic and Pneumatic catalogue)


New Hydraulic and Pneumatic Connectors

Dicsa grows with you and for this reason we have included the most innovative products on the market. We have extended our range of TRΔLE® GOLD RockCover hoses- very high resistance cover (1SC DIAMOND COVER, R17, Hot water blue Smooth Cover) You will also get special prices for sections of our Ecology and PTFE hoses. We have also included GreenLine industrial Hoses

In Standard Series we have incorporate swivel females Toyota – straight large size straight flange SAE 3000 PSI - 2 1/2” & 3”. We have added a new Series : Push on (low pressure). In relation to fittings for rigid pipe: 45º elbow tube – metric swivel fitting, additional range of jic 37º fittings and anti-rotary & aluminum blue clamps.


/Crimping machines & Roller TRΔLE®/ 

Best value for money. we extended our range of electric and manual crimping machines brand TRΔLE® (available new accessories). we have also incorporated our rollers retractable and manually activated reel, available in stainless and carbon steel.

As regards adapters, accessories and control elements, flow measuring we have included adaptor and reductors WD and adaptors m BSP - m met, BSP plug, reduction & bulkheads, quick release screw couplings and high resistance caps, Service plugs, TRΔLE® PTFE protective tape, pressure transducer check case (become your smartphone into a manometer). We have introduced new quick coupling ISO A & ball valves, brand GreenLine.


NEW Hydraulic and Pneumatic Components

Innovation with you in mind.  On this catalogue we have increased our range of TRΔLE products: gear pumps, variable displacement pumps with flow or pressure control, NG6 & NG10 solenoid valve accessories, double acting overcenter valve NG-6 and DC electric motor mounting.  In addition, we have included accessories for our GreenLine heat exchangers such as fans, casings, heat exchangers panel, thermos witches.

Concerning other brands, we have new ergonomic joysticks, NG10 high/low pressure blocks (with pressure gauge port), pump unloading valve with additional relief valve, brake cylinders, submerged return filter and its accessories, filtration units (increase useful life of your equipments) and a new model of heat exchanger oil / water.

Thus, we have continued our commitment to meet your needs. Because in Dicsa your satisfaction is our commitment.