Super prices Processing machine for flexible hoses


You can find some of the best early deals available right now on Processing machine for flexible hoses. Promotion is valid until 31 December while stocks last. Do not wait any longer, get the most innovative equipments with the best prices in the market. Do not miss this opportunity! 


/ Manual Crimping Machines/ 


Innovation with you in mind. We offer you our Horizontal manual Crimping Machines, brand TrΔle®. With maximum press capacity from 1”, 2 braids to 1" 1/4 - 4SP. They are characterised by its lightness, because its weight ranges from 25 kg to 55 Kg, greatly facilitating its transportation. Crimp force from 80 to 140 tons. 


/ Electrical Crimping Machines/


You can find special offers on Three Phase Electrical crimping machines, for hoses until 2” - 6 braids, maximum crimp force of 420 tons. Available on 380V motor and 220V under request. Possibility to acquire special dies, brakes, pedals, cabinets and much more..


/ Cutting & Skiving machines / 


We make your work easier with our wide range of cutting machines for hoses up to 2”- 4 braids, with a diameter cutting disc of 250 millimeters, and a motor of 3 kW - 230/400V triphasic- 50Hz. It is also available a manual cutting machine up to 1" 1/4 4SP, at the best price in the market.

In addition, now is the best time to take advantage of our special offers on skiving machines 



/ Accessories for crimping machines /


You can purchase or welding table at a great price. Furthermore, discover our PRO7- Hydraulic Hose Rack with capacity for seven hose rolls! This seven tier hose storage and dispensing rack allows you to store up to seven of your most popular coiled length of hose up to 600kg and reel off any size as required with no lifting required. Each tray can pivot out as shown for easy reloading. Easy tray can store up to 100kg of hose. This coiler also takes up minimal storage space in your workshop for the quantity of hose. 

Moreover, you can get our cabinets for crimping machines, equipped with dies set folder, thus keeping the workplace clean and safe.


/Processing machine for flexible hoses & rigid pipes catalogue/


You could find a wide variety of machines for flexible hoses such as Manual and Electrical crimping machines, cutting machines, skiving machines, Machines for rigid tube, accessories, test bench, welding tables, Hoses Racks, cabinets, cleaning machines… 

Beyond this, we have a broad range of Machines for rigid tube as for example deburring machines, DIN 2353, JIC 37° & 90° pipe fittings assembly, bending machines: I also sell multi-functional units that allow you to make several operations preassembling, flaring, vending and deburring


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