Christmas time in DICSA

Dicsa´s members have celebrated the good results achieved during 2021. The DICSA Senior Management Team, the Dicsa President, Irene Carmen, and the General Manager, Daniel Carmen thanked all employees their effort, and dedication. These values have allowed the company to increase its turnover by more than 30% from last year.


To ensure the protection of the workers multitudinous events has been postponed. DICSA staff have received a traditional Aguinaldo, it also increased the number of present in the annual Christmas draw.

Christmas DICSA

/Corporate Social Seal/


In addition, DICSA has received the Corporate Social Responsibility Seal, the company has prepared an annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report, where It sets out an action plan for   contributing to economic growth and social improvement


The company has assessed its Social Responsibility Report for 2020, compared to the previous periods of 2018 and 2019. This Sustainability Report, was prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative recommendations. Aspects examined are ethics and integrity, stakeholders, customers, people, suppliers, environmental and social responsibility. DICSA Social Responsibility Strategic Plan has also been published its.


/DICSA breaks companies race 2021 record/


Networking, fellowship, personal and business growth. As every year, DICSA staff took part in the VIII Edition of Companies Race. This race took place on 19th December 2021, the route of the race runs for 8 km along one of the main streets of Saragossa. This year, 4,000 runners from 350 companies participated.

carrrera 2021

Thirty DICSA workers have participated in Companies Race 2021, they formed ten teams of three people each. This race is aimed at strengthening capacities that are shared by the business and sporting worlds. Teams that participate in this race crossed the goal line with a maximum difference of ten seconds. That is intended to promote team work.


DICSA leadership team has supported this event and has paid the expenses. This initiative is part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, with which it contributes to promote the development of healthy lifestyles. 


Since its foundation, this company has contributed to enhancing social. DICSA participates in many nonprofits actions and events because it is aimed at contributing to improving social surroundings.