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Processing machine for flexible hoses & rigid pipes new catalogue

DICSA introduces its new catalogue of the processing machine for flexible hoses & rigid pipes. DOWNLOAD MACHINE CATALOGUE. In this interactive catalogue you can check out the technical datasheet by clicking on the buttons (part numbers).





/TrΔle® brand/


The new range of TrΔle® processing machines for flexible hoses distinguished by its premium quality and competitive prices. These machines were warmly welcomed by our customers, and the majority of them was sold quickly. For this reason we have expanded the range and we have added new models. 


/Manual crimping machines/ 


TrΔle® Manual crimping machines carry our the pressing horizontally, with a máximum crimping capacity form 1” (2 braids) to 1" 1/4  (4 braids). These are characterized for their lightness (from 25 kg to 55 kg), due they can be transported easily.  PM18F-9J crimping machine has separated head.


/Electrical crimping machines/ 


TrΔle® electric crimping machines with a crimping forcé from 92 to 350 tones, with opening without dies from 100 to 180 millimeters. Suitable for 3” hoses or from 6 braids.

We also provide you production crimping machines & High capacity crimping machines are available on request. We study and value your needs and offer you customized solutions.


/Cutting machines/ 


We have included new TrΔle® cutting machines, designed to cut hoses up to two-inch diameter and four braids, with action by pedal. If you prefer a lightweight cutting with manual drive, suitable for 1” ¼ inches hoses (four braids). We also have hose cutting Blades with several profiles scalloped, serrated, plain, slotted double… 


/Skiving machines/


In addition, we have a wide variety of skiving machines, manual and electrical, with a power of 0,75 KW. With internal and external skiving capacity, and even simultaneous skiving. The novelty is a TrΔle® crimping machine, with internal and external skiving tools up to two-inch diameter.


/Other machines/


You can also buy Static High Pressure Hose Test Bench, Mobile hoses cleaning Machine, Hose cleaning machine with two flushing heads, welding table, Crimping machine for pre-assembly, manual roll marking machine, pneumatic marking machine, fast introducer for fittings… Furthermore, our Exhibitions & Roll-Holder EXL, PRO7 y PCM3,  


/Machines for rigid tube/


We put at your disposal deburring machines, DIN 2353, JIC 37° & 90° pipe fittings assembly, bending machines: I also sell multi-functional units that allow you to make several operations preassembling, flaring, vending and deburring.




All our TrΔle® machines can be customizable with your company or your client logotype. The customizable machines are indicated with an icon called “YOUR LOGO” in DICSA machine catalogue. It is necessary to buy a minimum number of machines to customize them, check conditions with your commercial department.


DICSA new catalogue expanded its offering of Processing machine for flexible hoses & rigid pipes. We make your work easier, we have introduced small & lightweight equipments, that allow you to move your equipments.


We remind you that these  equipments have to be used exclusively for qualified staff that must have read and understood the operating manual. DICSA highly committed to quality and innovation.