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DICSA catalogues 2020


You can have now the new DICSA catalogues, in which we have included a wide variety of new ranges and products. In addition, we remind you that new price lists come into force on the first of July 2020. The latest innovations included in our catalogues are presented below. 

catalogos 2020



DICSA manufactures with you in mind. This company has developed a new ferrule 3SP/4SP/R12/4SH standard series (non skive), and it has also extended its range of metric connectors and 1/8 real fittings, suited for PTFE hose. 

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 /TRΔLE® LOK SERIES- twin ferrule/ 


 DICSA has also incorporated our new range of twin ferrule fittings TrAle® Lok,   ensuring a perfect sealing, leak- free, even the most aggressive environments.   These new fittings are available for metric pipe and stainless steel Schedule   pipe, with diameters from 6 to 25 millimeters and 1/8” until 1”.  TrAle® Lok   fittings are characterized by its high resistance, and therefore are ideal for the   petrochemical industry, chemical industry, naval industry, offshore, forest   industry…

This company has extended its range of reusable fittings for R5 hose and one piece fittings.   Respect of rigid pipe, DICSA has a new DIN2353 cutting ring with sealing gasket that improve sealing and a new inch range of pipe and fittings, called Schedule.


/Flow measuring & Control components/ 


DICSA also offers more control fittings, micro-hose fittings and BSP non return in line. In respect of Tr∆le® clamps, this company has included a innovative heavy series clamps and light series plates for stacking.




Focus on quality. DICSA has extended its premium hoses range Tr∆le® Gold, in addition to its RockCover series has introduced High Pressure series, Flexline series(extra flexible) and Diamond Cover (completely abrasión resistant). At the same time, DICSA delivers solutions for big sizes hoses, fittings and adaptors ans also sells blue smooth superservice hoses for hot water.  Another essential innovation is the ultra-flexible PTFLEX, that is a PTFE smooth hose (with a minimum bend radius largely inferior to the rest of this kind of hoses). This hoses is ideal for the food industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry… It has also been developed ferrule PTFE for two braids.


DICSA has an innovative convulted PTFE hose 316 double braid 304. On the other hand, we have a new Tr∆le® FREON BARRIER hose (Air conditioning hose) with the best quality / price. Furthermore, DICSA also has developed a new carbon steel ferrule 3SP/4SP/R12/4SH standard series (non skive) suitable for standar tails. Standard fittings have been also extended (mainly metric thread).

In addition, DICSA has introduced a wide variety of new products, such as, CO2 W21.8 fittings, control components, industrial fittings (Bauer and Perrot), pneumatic fittings, plugs for quick release couplings nv series, stud branch bsp fixed female tee and much more




/ DIN 2353 carbon steel fittings/


Respect of metric rigid pipe, DICSA has an innovative DIN2353 cutting ring with sealing gasket that improve sealing and it has also extended its range DIN 2353 straight bsp – 60º fittings and aluminium body clamps.


/ Tr∆le® manual crimping machines/


Value for money unbeatable. DICSA sells Tr∆le® manual crimping machines with horizontal drive, with capacity from 1” with 2 wires to 1" 1/4 - 4SP. They are characterized by lightness (from 25 to 55 kilograms ), for this reason can be carried easily. PM18F-9J crimping machine has separated head.




DICSA already has one of the most extensive range of hydraulic & pneumatic components (blue catalogue) on the market, but it still offers you a wide variety of new products. Because our satisfaction is our commitment 

New manual and electric control valves, an innovative electric driven control valve for wheeled loaders have been included. As well as, bent axis piston pumps and motor brand Tr∆le®, stackable diverter valve, 6 ways, subplate for ng16 and check-valve in BSP and NPT.


Brake valves & stackable solenoid valves/


Compact designs and easy assembly. DICSA has designed its new brake valves of 2 and 3 ways with external or internal drain. Adapted to EU 2015/68 regulation for vehicle braking systems based on one single hydraulic line. As regards stackable solenoid valves has been designed for places where space in very limited, so are characterized by have a very compact design.


/Mini power packs/


DICSA designs and manufactures a wide range of mini power pack configurations (adapted to

your requirements or pre-assembled). For this reason, has extended its range of electric motors, and has designed a new central manifold with compact design and small sizes and flows, as well as, plastic tanks, and other spare parts. DISCA costumers will be able to connect their equipment  remotely , with control pads and radio remote control.