Crimping ferrules

Ferrules R1AT/R2AT/1SN/2SN/R16/2SC/3TE

Ferrules R1A-1ST

Ferrules R4

Ferrules 1SC/1SN/2SC/R6/2TE/R17

Ferrules R2A-2ST/4SP-R9R / R12

Ferrules 3SP/4SP/R12/4SH non skive

Ferrules R7/R8 and metallic braid / R6

Ferrules for Ecology hose and Sewer Jetting hose

Ferrules for smooth PTFE

Ferrules for convoluted PTFE

Ferrules for double braid smooth PTFE

Ferrules for smooth PTFE, smooth profile

Ferrules for convoluted PTFE, smoth proflie