Industrial Flexible Hoses Fittings

IndusTrAle: Discover the DICSA's brand of industrial flexible hoses & fittings. The company has a wide range of industrial flexible hoses & fittings with even the most demanding specifications. This specialty works in a broad range of industrial uses: water, air, food industry, welding, abrasive, hydrocarbons, chemicals…

In total, 25 types of hoses capable of hosting a broad range of pressures (from 4 bars to 80 bars) with a working temperature from -40C to + 100C.

DICSA has extended its range of industrial fittings, in total it has 15 types of couplings: Barcelona, TW, Camlock, Mortar Camlock, Guillemin, Storz, EA, Chicago, Express, Geka, Sandblast, Bauer, Perrot, Steam Boss & EN14423 Steam. These fittings are available in several materials, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass; as a novelty we have included polypropylene and nylon, both are characterised for being very light.

Industrial hoses

Industrial fittings

Stainless steel hose, welding fittings and flanges

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Air conditioning hoses and fittings