DICSA beats billing records in 2022

DICSA achieves the best figures ever, the forecasts are for a 30% increase in turnover in 2022. During the last five years, sales have increased by 60%. These numbers show how DICSA has become an international benchmark brand in hydraulics field.

The chief executive officer, Irene Carmen, “this year has been characterized by economic uncertainty, international instability and price increases” said, but she has also emphasized “thanks to the efforts of all members of DICSA and our great capacity for adapting we have achieved the best economic results in the company entire history”

The company has in recent years embarked upon a process of international expansion. This strategy has enabled the company to grow from a small local business to a hydraulic international benchmark with over 4,000 active clients. DICSA is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of stainless-steel fittings and a global benchmark in hydraulic and pneumatic ranges, with their corresponding connections and components.

The hydraulic company has one of the most complete and extensive stocks in Europe. Nowadays DICSA works in more than 100 countries in five continents and has the fastest deliveries in its sector. Its adaptive capacity, its customer service and its ongoing improvement of quality processes have turned DICSA into a clear leader in this business.

Expansion of facilities & More employees 

DICSA has increased its number of employees to handle increased demand. Nowadays, the company has a total of 230, only in its headquarters. Its headquarters is located in Spain, it also has three subsidiaries in Italy and the United States and Turkey, two logistics centers in Germany and China, and two commercial offices in Latin America and Asia Pacific.

In addition, the company has recently extended its facilities in its headquarters. The manufacturing area has been expanded at a 33%, to increase more than 20% in production capacity. In the other hand, DICSA has committed to more sustainable patterns of production, increasing productivity, and reducing generated emissions and waste.

DICSA has opted for new innovative technology, robotics, additive manufacturing, which has enabled us to increase our product variety, said the company manager, Daniel Carmen. It has only taken a year for us to introduce 1,400 new items, he concluded. The firm guarantees the highest quality standards and safety, in accordance with the international standards. Its wide range of product lines result from extensive research and investment in innovation, a key to the company’s leadership in the marketplace.

DICSA incrementa sus ventas online


DICSA´S online shop

DICSA is not only a groundbreaking company in the manufacturing process. The company launched its e-commerce in 2003, at this moment only a few hydraulics companies sold its products online. At the present, 25% of total sales come from its website. The number of website clients has grown by 60%, every year the percentage of online clients increased by over 5%.

During the year, the firm launched its new website, characterized by an attractive design and easy-to-use interface. You also have access to the 3d images of stainless steel and carbon steel products.

Adaptation capability, customer service and the continuous improvement of quality processes have become DICSA in a worldwide benchmark.