DICSA Catalogues 2024- TrΔle®

New DICSA catalogues are here! Don't wait any longer to discover all the new hydraulic products that will make your business grow. We have expanded our TrΔle® brand products, with which we guarantee optimum quality, backed by the most demanding certificates. (Applicable only in DICSA and DICSA Italy)



/Stainless Steel Fittings Catalogue/

You can find new products in the DICSA stainless steel fittings catalogue, with which we have opted for greater versatility. They are now available from fittings for clamps, which allow a greater diversity of rigid pipe installations or the ZPF2212 bushing size 3/16 compatible with R1AT, R2AT and 1SN/2SN hoses.

In addition, the BW+ R13/R15 series fittings not skiving are available with crimped nuts, both in one-piece and two-piece fittings. At the same time, for the most demanding applications in rigid pipe we have equipped rings and nuts type ZACJ2, these allow us to avoid leaks in equipments with high vibration.

In the case of fittings for the food industry we have incorporated Ring Joint Type (RJT) fittings, a very popular connection in the UK market. It performs exceptionally well in the dairy and food industries, especially when frequent connection disassembly is required.


Discover all the new TrΔle® hydraulic products


/Catalogue Hydraulic and Pneumatic Connectors/

We have introduced products with greater adaptability, which will make your work easier, such as the TrΔle® Electrical Multi-way coupling 4 ways - DICSA design, with simultaneous electrical and hydraulic connection.

TrΔle® and TrΔle® Gold hydraulic hoses

We also extended our range of TrΔle® and TrΔle® Gold hydraulic hoses, with smooth covers to facilitate their assembly in complex systems and with the Flexline 6000 hose we reduced its bending radius with a pressure of 420 bar.

On the other hand, we have expanded our machines for flexible and rigid tube processing, with new cutters, presses, benders and a test bench. These products will allow you to gain autonomy in the assembly of hoses and the treatment of rigid pipes.

TrΔle® Carbon Steel Fittings

Likewise, and as in the case of stainless steel, we are adding to the BW+ TrΔle® series, connections with a crimped nut, but in this case in carbon steel.  In the same way, we extend our TrΔle® fittings for CO2 and calibrated pressure gauges, adapters... and much more.


/Catalogue Hydraulic and Pneumatic Components/

More control, reliability, adaptability and customization in our new hydraulic components. We have expanded our TrΔle® line, with new products among which we can highlight the Double pilot operated non-return valve NG16 with a flow rate of 300 LTS and a maximum pressure of 350 bar and NG25 solenoid valves, also a new hydraulic motor MOMR type motor with built-in brake, Over center valves over motor MOMP/R/H, MOMS and MOMT types... and much more...

Kits for assembly of mini power packs

We make your work easier with our new kits for joining components in the assembly of mini power packs. We have a total of four of them, for DC and AC (12vdc/24vdc and from 1hp to 5.5hp in alternating current and three-phase). With them, we allow you to significantly simplify the assembly of mini powerpacks, and our highly qualified technical team will be happy to provide you with the necessary technical advice for the configuration of mini power plants.