Christmas time in DICSA!


DICSA team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2024. Once again, thank you for trusting us and making us a leading company in the sector.

/ Ethics & Social Responsibility /

DICSA is a company aware of the Sustainable Development Goals, so once again this year it has prepared a Social Responsibility report, which sets out the set of actions that reflect the values of the company and its awareness of social problems. 


It analyzes its social performance during the periods 2020, 2021 and 2022. This report is prepared in accordance with the international GRI standard, including Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It evaluates issues such as the company's ethics and integrity, stakeholders, customers, people, suppliers, the environment and the social sphere. It also sets out the company's Strategic Social Responsibility Plan. 


In addition, the company presents this report to regional institutional bodies, which is why each year it is audited and receives the Social Responsibility seal.  


/Company Race 2023/

Dicsa promotes teamwork by participating in the Companies Race 2023. This race is a test that aims to strengthen the values shared by the business and sports worlds. 
The teams took the start and crossed the finish line together; a maximum of ten seconds is allowed between the first and last team member to cross the finish line. This is intended to encourage teamwork.

Dicsa's management team provided financial support for this event. This action is part of the Corporate Social Responsibility that Dicsa has shown throughout its history and with which it is committed to promoting healthy lifestyle habits among its employees. 

the DICSA has actively contributed to social improvement since its foundation in 1983,. There are many actions and events in which DICSA participates and which have made the delegation a benchmark. Because DICSA believes that, together, a better world is possible.