DICSA launches its new edition of Hoses Catalogue 2019

New Hoses Catalogue 2019

DICSA launches its new edition of Hoses Catalogue 2019. This company has extended its Premium Series Trale Gold, with its series HighPressure, FlexyLine, RailLine, Diamond Cover and, at the same time the company has broadened its range Rock Cover. In addition, DICSA has included a new brand of hoses – Green Line (best value for money), new Schedule pipes and new Convoluted Stainless Steel Hoses.




 /TRΔle® Gold- much more than Rock Cover/

Under the slogan, TRΔle® Gold much more than RockCover! DICSA has included new ranges in its premium series

-          HighPressure (1SNK- 2SNK): are designed to withstand high pressures, which in turn they have a bend radius smaller, for these reasons are very flexible and resistant.

-          FlexyLine: (SAE 100 R16, SAE 100 R17, SAE 100 R19 y FlexyLine 5000 & 6000): all of them are distinguished by its high capacity of flexion. FlexyLine range is only available under request.

-          RailLine: These hoses are only available under request and are suitable for railway applications.

In addition, DICSA has extended its range RockCover with the hoses EN 857 1SC y 2SC, used in high abrasion environments. For demanding applications, all RockCover hoses are available with DiamondCover, which is achieved by the double-layer construction with rubber cover and an additional UHMW foil.

/GreenLine Hoses/

DICSA has also launched its basic range GreenLine that is characterized by having very competitive prices.  In respect of hydraulic hoses, the company has included the follow hoses, EN 857 1SC y EN 857 1SC, EN 856 4SP and EN 856 4SH. In 2017, EN 857 1SN, EN 857 2SN and 2SC Superservice hoses were incorporated.

Furthermore, DICSA will receive its new thermoplastic hose EN 855/ SAE 100 R7 in the weeks ahead, and R7 twin will be available under request.

ΔMW-GreenLine is the basic brand of DICSA, to be used in low technical requirements applications ensuring best value for money. 

MANGUERAS_2019/ Stainless Steel Convoluted Hoses /

Extra-flexibility in its new Stainless Steel Convoluted Hose , with bend radius under 55 millimetres in nominal diameter of ¾ and 110 millimetres  in 2 inches. However, the working pressure values are similar to the rest of Stainless Steel Convoluted Hoses.

Moreover, DICSA has included a new Convoluted Stainless Steel Hose AISI 316 with two braids AISI 304 that is characterized for by a better quality in its stainless steel inner tube (AISI 316 instead of AISI 321).

/ SCH 10 AISI 316L /

DICSA has incorporated a new kind of rigid pipes SCHEDULE, that are characterized by measures are expressed in inches and is a steel Seamless Tube with a heat treatment of annealing. The company has included SCH10, with a minor thickness for applications which don´t demand high working pressures. SCH40 has a superior thickness, for this reason can handle high pressures.


 /Silicone fibreglass tube /

DICSA has also included a new protection hose, suitable both for hoses and for pipes, called BVIDRIO. It is able to withstand high temperature, it protects continuously to 260ºC and a

maximum of 1650ºC. Resistant to splashes of molten metals, hydraulic fluids, lubricating oils and fuels. The silicone cover insulates against energy loss in piping and hosing.

/Technical data/

Technical data has been broadened to clarify any clients´ doubts about Chemical Compatibility, Conversion table for units, Hose diameter calculation, Assembly Instructions, Go/No Go gauges- Diameter, Hose Installation Guide, Hose assembly instructions and Hose installation guidelines.

Because in DICSA understand clients have unique needs, and we work day by day to make your work easier. If you do not have yet your copy of DICSA HOSES CATALOGUE request it now (export@dicsaes.com) or Download it here.