PRODUCTSOne of the largest and most assorted stocks in Europe

We can supply a wide range of products for our clients. We guarantee an integral service in Hydraulic Conducts and Components, which will allow you to reduce your management time and money concerning the supply and transport of the merchandise. Our trademarks DICSA and TRΔLE®, as well as the trademarks we represent, are characterised by a high quality standard.



Hydraulic and Pneumatic Connectors

  • Flexible connectors
    Hydraulic, thermoplastic and PTFE hoses, flexible hose fittings, low pressure and air conditioning hoses and fittings, measuring flow and machines for mounting flexibles.

  • Pipe connectors
    Pipe, DIN 2353 Pipe Fittings, Gas tube fittings, JIC 37° fittings, SAE Flanges, Clamps and Machines for processing rigid pipes.

  • Accessories
    Adaptors, ORFS accessories, quick-release couplings, ball valves, diverters and swivel fittings and protections.

  • Pneumatic Connectors
    Pipe and springs, pneumatic fittings, quick release couplings, pneumatic display and industrial elements and pneumatic cylinders.

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Components

  • Hydraulic components
    Tanks, bellhousings, couplings and filters. Pumps/gear flow dividers/multigear..,Electrical motors, Hydraulic valves, Hydraulic directional control valves, Directional valves and subplates, Joysticks and directional valves, Vacuum and heating interchangers, Hydraulic cylinders, Several items

  • TR∆LE
    New products range.

  • Pneumatic Components
    Accessories, valves and cylinders.

Stainless Steel Fittings