• 1983

    Dicsa starts its activity in Spain supplying hydraulic fittings, hoses, and seals on a regional level.

  • 1986

    In the late 80’s we reached a national distribution.

  • 1994

    A national sales network is now in place. We added new product families to our portfolio.

  • 1995

    First international sales to France (hoses, swage and compressions fittings), and to the rest of countries from the European Union (our stainless steel production). In the meantime the domestic distribution was consolidated which allowed us to concentrate efforts and resources to increase our manufacturing centre.

  • 1998

    We moved to our current premises and we settled the path for our constant international expansion mostly supported by our stainless steel production (production multiplied by 6) reaching 50 countries. The French network was consolidated. We put together our hydraulic components catalogue that now represents 30% of our turnover and a new sales division was created to commercialized rubber sheets and floor matting.

  • 2001

    The IT system was renewed opening new resources management opportunities always for a better assistance in the ordering and shipping process.

  • 2003 2004

    We increased our stock area with a new warehouse. The on-line shop was then available on our website.

  • 2004 2005

    We implemented a Supply Chain software for a more efficient stock management to provide real-time information on any item.

  • 2006 2007

    The Assemblies workshop was strengthened to develop an O.E.M. business activity. A Quality Management System, was put in place.

  • 2008

    We opened DICSA ITALIA (Modena), our first branch, with a stock area of 1,500 m2 to improve delivery service to Eastern European countries.

  • 2009

    As a requirement of our growth both national and international we added 2,500m2 to our facilities: new warehouse area and new crimping workshop. DICSA’s brand TrΔle®, was launched as a way to guarantee our very high quality standards. This trademark is now used on hoses, carbon steel fittings, pumps, motors, valves… The stainless steel production is still sold under the DICSA brand.

  • 2010 2011

    The Hydraulic and Pneumatic connectors' ranges are now well introduced in the international markets through the customers' network created for our stainless steel distribution. In 2011 our export sales were higher than domestic ones. These are also key years for our factory: we implemented the assembly automatism system and installed new high production machines.

  • 2012

    A full range of TRΔLE® components was added to our catalogue. We made our first direct shipments from our Shanghai warehouse to supply customers in Asia, South America and Africa.

  • 2013

    We have increased our warehouse surface (3,000m2) and we have added new products to our TRΔLE® range for fittings and pneumatics. The new Digital Platform has been launched and allows a better and easier communication within the entire Supply Chain and will be the key in our future worldwide development.

  • 2014

    We have increased our facilities with 3,000m2: new offices, new workshops and manufacturing workshop. We have added a new Transfer machine with high capacity of production, which permits us to increase a 50% our manufacturing production. We offer new services to our clients through our DIGITAL PLATFORM: consolidation of orders, creation of aadditional users, management of backorders, W-Express Orders which leave DICSA the same day, etc. We continue improving in order to give you the best service!

  • 2015

    Dicsa´s innovative facilities extended to more than 18.500 square meters. This investment allowed us to have one of the most complete and extensive stocks in Europe, giving an increased competitiveness, this means that there was a substantial rise in the number of customers and items ordered.

  • 2017

    We inaugurated a new logistic and distribution center in Germany. This new opening improves time distribution in Central and Eastern Europe, offering next-day deliveries. In addition, we opened a first trade office in Argentine. Thanks to these two overtures, DICSA consolidates its expansion to the international markets.

  • 2018

    Territorial expansion of Dicsa continues. We inaugurated a new logistic and distribution center in USA. As a requirement of our growth, we enlarged our warehouse and manufacturing facilities, to reach 20.000 square meters. In addition, we implemented an automated production and manufacturing programming system. This investment makes us possible to increase our production by 50 percent.