Dicsa introduces its new Hoses Configurator which is integrated on Dicsa Digital Platform

New Hoses Configurator on Dicsa Digital Platform

Dicsa introduces its new Hoses Configurator which is integrated on Dicsa Digital Platform. You can configurate your own hoses offers and orders easily, in addition you have access to 3d drawings of your selected items, this avoid to make definitions or interpretation mistakes.

This platform can be even use by people without technical knowledge, because each election that is made restricting the next, (this configurator only allows to choose the compatible elements to the optimum hose performance).

This configurator has been designed based on User Experience Design, so it has an intuitive and fluid design.  While you are configurating a hose, on the right side there is a hose composition summary, data sheet, description and 3d drawing and you can also know the exactly price of you order.

Dicsa Hoses Configurator is integrated on Dicsa Digital Platform, if you are already register in our digital platform you only have to access to the tab “Buy directly” or click on cart icon, after that you have to click on Hoses Configurator button. If you do not have already, you can request on export@dicsaes.com. Clients can already enjoy of this new tool, because in Dicsa growing up together.