ydraulic System with high pressure pumps for its CNC Lathes

We give our best under pressure


DICSA has purchased an innovative Hydraulic System with high pressure pumps for its CNC Lathes. This equipment makes more productive their machines and improve the machining process. In this way, this System allows to increase efficiency in the manufacture of their stainless steel products. Research and Development is the source of DICSA brand differentiation.

This High Pressure System allows to improve cooling, that has vital importance in our sector, because tools lifetime increase when temperature decreases in mechanized zone. In turn, it facilitates the extraction swarf and raises of cutting speed.

All this results in an improvement in our efficiency in our manufactured process, because it allows us to reduce costs and to increase our competitive capabilities. Our goals are to improve the productive system of our machines and to enhance the quality of our products. We manufacture it with you in mind.