Discover the Dicsa´s brand of industrial flexible hoses & fittings

DICSA includes industrial hoses and fittings in its hose configurator

DICSA has included its wide range of industrial hoses and fittings, called IndustrAle in its Hose Configurator (that is integrated on its digital platform). In total, 25 types of hoses have been incorporated, these hoses are capable of hosting a broad range of pressures (from 4 bars to 80 bars) with a working temperature from -40C to + 100C.

IndustrΔle hoses & fittings are designed with the very latest technology and manufactured to the highest possible standards. This specialty works in a broad range of industrial uses: water, air, food industry, welding, abrasive, hydrocarbons, chemicals, etc.
DICSA has also extended its range of industrial fittings, in total it has 15 types of couplings: Barcelona, TW, Camlock, Mortar Camlock, Guillemin, Storz, EA, Chicago, Express, Geka, Sandblast, Bauer, Perrot, Steam Boss & EN14423 Steam. These fittings are available in several materials, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass; as a novelty we have included polypropylene and nylon, both are characterized for being very light.
DICSA launched its Hose configurator a year ago and online hoses sales have doubled ever since. This platform can be even used by people without technical knowledge, because each election that is made restricting the next, (this configurator only allows to choose the compatible elements to the optimum hose performance).
You can configurate your own hoses offers and orders easily, in addition you have access to 3d drawings of your selected items, this avoid to make definitions or interpretation mistakes.
DICSA has created a detailed video tutorial guiding you step-by-step how access to this tool and how to use it. This video tutorial is available on Dicsa YouTube channel or you also can access it through this link: Hoses Configurator Tutorial.
DICSA Hoses Configurator is integrated on Dicsa Digital Platform, if you are already registered in our digital platform you only have to access to the tab “Buy directly” or click on cart icon, after that you have to click on the Hoses Configurator button.
This Configurator has been designed based on User Experience Design, so it has an intuitive and fluid design. While you are configuring a hose, on the right side there is a hose composition summary, data sheet, description and 3d drawing and you can also know the exact price of your order.
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If you do not have already, you can request on Clients can already enjoy of this new tool, because in Dicsa growing up together.