Discover the Dicsa´s brand of industrial flexible hoses & fittings

IndusTrAle®: DICSA industrial flexible hoses & fittings

IndusTrAle®: Discover the Dicsa´s brand of industrial flexible hoses & fittings. The company has a wide range of industrial flexible hoses & fittings with even the most demanding specifications. This specialty works in a broad range of industrial uses: water, air, food industry, welding, abrasive, hydrocarbons, chemicals, etc. In total, 25 types of hoses capable of hosting a broad range of pressures (from 4 bars to 80 bars) with a working temperature from -40C to + 100C.

/Industrial fittings/
Dicsa has extended its range of industrial fittings, in total it has 15 types of couplings: Barcelona, TW, Camlock, Mortar Camlock, Guillemin, Storz, EA, Chicago, Express, Geka, Sandblast, Bauer, Perrot, Steam Boss & EN14423 Steam. These fittings are available in several materials, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass; as a novelty we have included polypropylene and nylon, both are characterised for being very light.
Barcelona is a fire coupling is used by Spanish firefighters designed to norm UNE 23400. It is a symmetrical sexless coupling. On one side, it is formed by cylindrical cavity with three engaging lugs that are connected by ¼ turn. On the other side a hose coupling, thread or size reduction. There are three different sizes available: 25, 40 and 50, the distance between its lugs is 45, 65, and 68 millimeters, respectively. 
/Tanker truck/
TW-couplings are asymmetric couplings intended to link hoses with connections for the transport of liquids, solid matters and gases with the exception of liquid gas and steam. They are used for charge and discharge hoses attached to road tankers. They are produced in brass alloy, aluminum alloy and stainless steel materials according to DIN 28450, EN 14420-6, BS2464-3 standards. TW is provided with female part MK, male part VK, blind caps MB VB, and MKS VKS.
Bauer are commonly used for the pumping and transfer of water in the construction, road maintenance and general irrigation industries. They can also be used for loading and unload road tankers including slurry tankers.  Bauer Couplings are quickly and easily coupled/uncoupled with a few effortless hand actions. These couplings are available in carbon steel.
Perrot quick connect couplings are widely used in the agricultural, industrial fields, civil engineering and dewatering. They can also be used for loading and unload dry abrasive materials. These couplings are available in carbon steel.
The Guillemin couplings are symmetrical. They are connected by 4 hooks if the installation is mobile they in general the coupler with locking ring that makes the connection between the two couplers. At least one of the 2 couplers needs locking ring. They are widely used in the industries and transportation of oil and petroleum products, fluid or viscous, including hot asphalt, chemicals, powders as well as food industry (stainless steel). They are manufactured in carbon steel and stainless steel, according to NF- E 29572 standard. Guillemin coupling was also referred to Symmetrical half coupling or French coupling. They are widely used in France and in Belgium to couple hoses and resembles a DSP coupling, which is used in firefighting.
/Camlock y Mortar Camlock/ Dicsa Autolock Camlock
Camlock also called cam and groove coupling, . This kind of coupling is popular because it is a simple and reliable means of connecting and disconnecting hoses quickly and without tools. They are easy to use (extend the handles on the coupler outwards and place the correct size male adapter into the female coupler, close both handles at the same time until the two halves are firmly fixed together, closing both handles at the same time insures that the grooved adapter is pulled down consistently onto the seal making a leak proof assembly for the safe transfer of liquids and reverse the process to disconnect the fitting making sure before doing so that the hose assembly has been de-pressurised). They are manufactured in aluminium, stainless steel, brass and polypropylene, according to EN14420-7 standard and depend on material and size can withstand pressure up to 10 bar.
In addition, Dicsa has safety lock for female to ensure that no accidental disconnection.
Mortar Camlock design of the mortar coupling is very similar to Camlock couplings, because is simple and reliable but withstands higher pressure (until 50 bar). The mortar couplings are widely used in mortar mixers and pumps, concrete transport systems, etc. They are avaible in carbon steel and in many sizes though two systems “22 mm” and “23,5 mm”.
Sandblast is a quick coupling that is designed to convey abrasive sand and shot blast material. They are indicated for sandblasting, concrete and cement transfer. They are manufactured in carbon steel, aluminum, brass and nylon.
Storz couplings are symmetrical couplings with a bayonet locking system which is protected by a collar. They are used quick-disconnect couplings for transportation of fluids and powdered products in applications such as water, petrol, chemical products, as well as pumps, suction hoses in agriculture. They are manufactured in aluminum according to DIN1430 standard. The Storz coupling size is determined by the internal lug distance. 
Geka couplings are symmetric quick couplings designed for agricultural, gardening, construction and public service applications. Geka couplings are connected by pushing and rotating the two couplings together. The distance between the claws being 40 mm. Available in brass with NBR seal.
/Compressed Air/ 
EA o European Air: Symmetric coupling for air and water applications, never be used for steam applications.  The couplings are pushed together and rotated to form a seal. Due to the lateral and angular shape of the seal an instant force is set, which prevent pressure loss due to vibration. These look similar to Express and Geka couplings, but EA couplings have a 42 mm distance between the claws. European air couplings are heavy-duty claw couplings manufactured in compliance with DIN 3489, in carbon steel with BSP thread, hose shank or blind cap.


UA or Chicago Coupling also called Universal air coupling. They are symmetric couplings that are recommended for use on air lines for pneumatic equipment. Do not use with steam. Chicago coupling is provided with hose shank, four claw design for sizes above 1¼". The distance between the claws being 41 mm. Available in carbon steel with NPT threaded, hose shank or blind cap.
Express couplings are symmetrical half-couplings used for water and air applications complying with the NF E 29-573 standard. The two couplings are pushed together and rotated to form a seal. The claws of express couplings are spaced at a standard 41 mm and are not interchangeable with Geka and European air couplings. Available on carbon steel with BSP threaded, hose shank or blind cap.
/IndustrΔle® steam couplings/
Steam couplings are commonly used for compressed air, water, liquid petroleum gas, fluid petroleum products, chemical, potable fluids and almost any other type of fluid or gas.  (Never use quick-release couplings for steam applications.) They are available in carbon steel. 
Dicsa has Boss couplings also called Dinbo steam couplings. "Boss" couplings consist of hose stems, wing nuts, spud adapters and interlocking clamps. They are supplied in the complete kit, included thread.
IndusTrΔle® steam couplings complying with EN 14423/ DIN 2826 are available in BSP female & BSPT male threaded fittings, they also have a clamp to hose assembly. 
Dicsa is adapted to the specific requirements of their client with this wide range of industrial flexible hoses & fittings. In addition, IndusTrΔle® range also has accessories to industrial fittings assembly.  The company has included crimping ferrules available in aluminum, carbon steel and stainless steel. It also has a wide range of clamps: W1, W2, DIN 20039, Boss, EN14423, EN14420-3, EXPRESS.
Dicsa also offer you adapted solutions to grow with you. Dicsa Technical Department study each case individualized way and offer the possibility to use standard fittings in industrial hoses. For this reason, Dicsa uses its innovative test benches to certificate hoses optimum working and its durability.