DICSA facilities reach 20.000 square meters

DICSA extends its facilities and invests in robotics

DICSA facilities reach 20.000 square meters. DICSA headquarters is located at Saragossa, Spain and has increased its facilities with 1.200 m2. The new facilities allow an increase of production and automated processes in order to improve efficiency and productivity.

As a result of the enlargement, DICSA has increased significantly the size of the warehouse to have a higher stock level. The company's aim is to offer one of the largest stocks, around 65,000 references. At the same time, the company is going to outsource surfaces area storage.
/Increased production/
DICSA increased its productivity by 49,6%, from 2015 to 2018. This rise in efficiency levels has allowed that DICSA sales has increased by 20 per cent in 2018. This boost in sales is particularly significant in exports that have enlarged by 30% due to investment in new markets. In addition, DICSA expects that the increased production volume up to 50% by the 2020s.
Dicsa aplica la robótica en su proceso de fabricación/Robotic for metric fittings/
DICSA stakes on robotic process automation. The company has acquired two robotics arms for the assembly of metric fittings. These robots have been especially designer and programmer to adapt DICSA needs, in both material stainless steel and carbon steel. DICSA will be able to produce long-run time series and it also will reduce lead times and avoid human mistakes. 
/Laser marking/ 
In addition, manufacturing area has included a new generation laser marking that allow to pieces mark in a rapid and efficient way. It also guarantees maximum high definition and it is even able to mark complex details. This machine is environmentally-friendly and includes suction system. On the other hand, laser marking guarantees the marked durability.
DICSA invests in improving manufacturing procedures applying industry 4.0 technologies. This is possible thanks to processed in a continuous production system, with mechanizing process quick and efficient  and it allows full product control. 
The quality and uniformity of all DICSA products are controlled by the most innovative technology. The company uses a spectrographic Analyzer to verify the composition of stainless steel products. DICSA technical team can also check the dimensions of pieces automatically, through a Machine Measuring by Coordinates (MMC), which has a precision level in the micron range. DICSA checks resistance and hardness by using a Vickers Hardness that has a diamond filament that allows to penetrate in all kinds of materials, regardless of hardness and thickness. DICSA also does pressure and hydraulic impulse tests and has a Salt spray chamber to test metal corrosion.
DICSA is a leader in the manufacture of stainless steel fittings, process that is very complex and requires a high and continued investment. DICSA is synonym of quality because its Research, Innovation and Development investment is constant and progressive. Investment in technological equipment is one of the DICSA priorities, this has made DICSA pioneers in its field.