Dicsa Certificates its TrAle Thermoplastics hoses & fittings

DICSA Certificates its TrAle thermoplastics hoses & fittings

DICSA is driven by quality - TrAle® brand. Type Approval Certificate for thermoplastic Hoses, Ferrules 81014 series and Fittings standard series has been approved by Dicsa. These connectors have passed Leakage test, pressure test, burst test (UNE- EN ISO 1402) and impulse test (EN ISO 6803:2008). In order to ensure that these products achieve the highest levels of safety, durability and optimum operation.


These tests have been carried out under the maximum working pressure indicated by manufacturers according to hoses diameters, explained in detail below, and with working temperature of 100ºC.

/Hidrostatic test/ 

These tests were carried out at DICSA facilities, because DICSA rigorously tests its Hoses and fittings to ensure they meet or exceed industry standards. Thanks to its two test benches of leakage/ tightness and burst, in accordance with the ISO 1402. In addition, DICSA has another two test benches, one of them does pressure and hydraulic impulse test without moving, in accordance with the EN ISO 6803.  

The most innovate bench test of DICSA allows for testing combined bending with hydraulic impulses (Half Omega test) in accordance with the EN ISO 8032. This test bench also allows to make dynamic pressure test and simulates several working pressures by using square waves, peak waves and customized waves. Customized waves simulate exactly the different pressure circuits, adapting to the customer's needs. In addition, the bench reproduces the movements makes in this equipment (dynamic flex test or Omega test). 

These durability tests are especially effective to determinate equipment fails where working conditions are unusual, which allows it to offer solutions adapted to specific problems.

Tests carried out: Leakage tests, pressure tests, burst test (UNE‐EN ISO 1402) and impulse tests (EN ISO 6803:2008)/Continuous improvement/ 

DICSA makes these tests in the same facilities where design and manufactured its products, so when they appreciate some mistakes or improvement possibilities the designs are quickly enhanced and DICSA begin the manufacture process. DICSA commitment is to promote and encourage quality through the continuous improvement of its designs. 

In the last few years, DICSA had invested substantially in test equipment, but the company has also aimed the approval of certificates approved by independent entities. These certificates confirm that the work of Quality department and Technical department meet current regulations and international standards.

DICSA differentiates itself from its competitors by a heavy invest to create an internal continued quality improvement system. Due to this reason, DICSA guarantee the highest quality standards and safety, in accordance with international standards. 

DICSA is not a Certification Entity, however, its tests have been designed consistent with quality and safety international standards ruling. By directly owning this innovative facility, DICSA is able to adapt customers’ needs and this company can also check the technical specification marked by the manufacturer.