Dicsa achieves the best financial results in its history

DICSA achieves the best financial results in its history

DICSA reaches a turnover of more than 50 million euros in 2018, this is an increase the turnover by 20% in one year. The rise was particularly pronounced in export markets, where the company has increased its sales by 30%. DICSA is one of the Spanish companies with more presence on the international markets.

The company's commitment to international markets are worthy deserve the Internationalization award. With respect to the Spanish market the company it has consolidated its leadership position and it has increased total sales by 10 % , in a mature and very competitive market.

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New Dicsa Hose Configurator

DICSA E- Commerce increases in sales by 35% in 2018.  New DICSA Hose Configurator has been one of our main news on our website, this new tool makes customers purchases easier more intuitive. It has also provided an opportunity to target analogic customer, they have realized that our website offers them multiple possibilities.

Dicsa exports to more than 100 countries, for this reason times zones and the geographic spread of clients could be a problem. However, Dicsa has have found an opportunity to provide customers a great service on the Internet, because DICSA online shop offers 24 hour service.

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The commitment for the internationalization of DICSA, has become one of the most competitive companies in its field, thanks to a model business focus on clients needs. Dicsa has a wide product catalogue by ensuring the best quality in each of its products. It also has a logistics system capable of reach every country, while maintaining competitive prices.

More than a year ago, DICSA Deutchland was opened to dispose other warehouse in a strategic position of Europe. A few months ago, DICSA opened a new logistics center, DICSA America, strategically located in Atlanta and a legal branch in Florida, which will coordinate the management and administration tasks. In addition, DICSA is working on the creation of a network of sales representatives. It has also a sales office in Argentina to supply the Latin American market and a brand office in Italy from 2008.

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DICSA is a Spanish leading manufacturer of stainless steel fittings, and an international referent in hydraulic and pneumatic components and connectors. Its headquarters is located in Spain. Its resilience, client service and the continued improvement of quality process have become DICSA a referent of its field. The strategic pillars of the company are: wide range of products, competitive price, quality customer service, large warehouses, orders without minimum quantity. DICSA success is based on its ability to adapt and innovate.