Dicsa´s President, Irene Carmen Lequerica had the honour of collecting the award

DICSA awarded for Internationalization

Saragossa Chamber of Commerce has presented the Internationalization award to DICSA, with this award, the Chamber wished to highlight the extensive professional trajectory of DICSA. The company was created as a local company, however nowadays it has presence in 100 countries and 60% of its turnover corresponds to export. Funiglobal Development company won the Saragossa SME award and it will run for SME National Business Awards. On the other hand, The Advanced Production Tools y IDE Electric received Digitalization and Innovation and Training and Employment awards, respectively.

DICSA´s President, Irene Carmen Lequerica had the honour of collecting the award and she has indicated: “Aragonese companies should begin exporting because in Aragon there are talented companies” and the President has added: “the teaching of foreign languages should be encouraged, because it is the only way to promote international entrepreneurship”. 

The four nominated for SME awards as were selected among 18 applicants. The jury has taken the following criteria into consideration for its decision: Digitalization and innovation, training and employment creation and international activity.

/Exports- successful model/ 

DICSA is one of the most international companies in Spain, around 60% percent of its sales are now performed outside of Spain. In 2018 the international market has grown around 35% and this year the company hopes to post an overall turnover of 50 million euros, which is an increase of 20% compared to the year before.

The DICSA headquarters is located in Saragossa, but also has two branch offices in Italy and USA, and two logistics centers in Germany and China and a commercial office in Latam. DICSA is able to reach out 4000 costumers spread over 100 countries.

/ DICSA innovation /

DICSA is an industrial company, this field is very traditional, but the constant invests in innovation is a key factor to remain competitive. At the moment, DICSA responding by implementing Industry 4.0: Smart factory, big data, test benches, 3d printing. All of this requires a massive investment, but without doubt the future belongs to the smart innovators.


DICSA is in the process of digitizing, the form of working is changing. In total, more than 20 per cent of its sales comes from its E-commerce. On the other hand, the way customers communicate is changing too, DICSA customers are geographically too dispersed, and thanks to new technologies DICSA can reach all of them. Digitization is not an option is a duty.


/Job creation/

DICSA was founded as local company formed by 3 workers, currently its staff is comprised of 180 employees. The DICSA´s President has said: “this award has been as a result of teamwork, illusion and commitment to do things well”. In DICSA, senior management positions are occupied by members that have been trained in the company and this is a key success factor.

/SME Award /

The SME of the Year Award is an initiative of Santander Bank, Chambers of Commerce and the newspaper Heraldo de Aragon,  honoring the work of smalls and medium enterprise as generators of wealth and employment.

The first edition of this event was celebrated last year, ten companies passed to the Saragossa final stage, where Magapor won the SME of the Year Award , in addition Entertainment Solutions and Efinétika received other prizes.