Dicsa organizes an exhibition to celebrate its 35 th anniversary

Dicsa organizes an exhibition to celebrate its 35th anniversary

Dicsa invites you to visit an exhibition of its history on chamber commerce from 10 th to 17 th September to commemorate its 35 th anniversary. The exhibition presents Dicsa history and we explain how a family business has become a world's leading in its field. 
Visitors will be able to watch four videos where is reviewing our history, the keys to our logistics system and design and manufacturing process, always focus on the interests of the clients.
In addition, in the left wing of exposition, attendees will be able to see explanatory panels where they can look back Dicsa's history, from the company's founding to today. We show exactly how we have become one of the most competitive company on the international market.
On the other hand, in the right wing of the exhibition, Dicsa's departments and services are to be explained. We display how the company has evolved to meet its client's needs and offer them adapted solutions. Therefore, Dicsa has been growing exponentially for the past five years.
/Dicsa's History/
Dicsa's was set up in 1983 and starts its activity in Spain supplying hydraulic fittings, hoses, and seals on a regional level and in 35 years Dicsa has developed a large commercial network is able to reach consumers in more than 90 countries. Nowadays, we are a worldwide leading manufacturer of stainless steel fittings, and an international referent in hydraulic and pneumatic components and connectors. 
/Keys to success/
One of the keys to Dicsa's success is that we have one of the most complete and extensive stocks in Europe, in total 65,000 references. Furthermore, we have logistics infrastructure in four countries, Spain, Italy, Germany and China, allowing us to reach 4,000 customers located in over 90 countries around the whole world. At the same time, we have the most efficient distribution system in our field which delivers within 24 hours.
/Customer centric Innovation/
Our customers are our main priority. We are focused on innovation and customers requirements, for this reason we provide professional service tailored to the customer's needs. Since our foundation 35 years ago, we have undertaken by honesty, business integrity and reliability. These fundamental values for which we commit us to be leaders. If you trust in Dicsa we grow up with you.