Dicsa has committed firmly to culture through its new library

Dicsa opens a library for its employees

Dicsa has firmly  committed  to culture through its new library. Irene Carmen President of Dicsa encourages the reading habits in the company, for this reason she has created a library located in the Dicsa facilities. This library is composed by 150 books with diverse topics.
The Dicsa´s President has developed an innovative system to involve employees actively in this project. Staff has contributed bringing to Dicsa´s library their favorite books, (that they had already read) and they have listed of books to be bought by the company.
/Participative Library/
Thanks to this participative system, Dicsa´s books correspond with tastes of Dicsa members. In the first month more than 20% Dicsa´s employees have used this service.
In addition, the company workers handle the library lending service. There is not deadline for the return of the books, on average, books are returned in less than two weeks.
This action is part of DICSA Corporate Social Responsibility plan because DICSA is aimed at contributing to improving social surroundings.  In fact, Dicsa staff shows very high read rates because culture is a catalyst for success.