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Dicsa member team winner of Fishing Championship


There are happy times for Dicsa. Our coworker Tony Corella, Welding Supervisor for 24 years, has won the gold medal at the Black- Bass Fishing Championship of Spain by counties.

Corella reflects the values that make us a leader, his ability to work in a team, motivation and very hard work, these skills have become a referent as sport fisherman. He has seven medals in national competitions: two gold, one silver and four bronze. All of them won together with members of Aragon Team.

This Championship was held into the Mequinenza lake, in Zaragoza, on the 6th, 7th and 8th of July. A total of nine teams, each one of each region, reach the gold medal and finally Aragon team got it.

Dicsa leadership team is very proud of what Cornella has accomplished because Dicsa promotes the development of healthy lifestyles.