Find out more about Dicsa´s brand - TrAle

Find out more about Dicsa´s brand - TrAle


Adaptability & Security. In Dicsa, with our TrAle brand, are staunchly committed to Adaptability and Security. Around 60 percent of products designed and distributed by Dicsa belong to our brand TrAle, in total we have 40,000 items available in stock. All of them are backed by the most demanding certifications on the market, ensuring the optimum quality.

Trusted supplier

In Dicsa, we have reinvented the market for growing up with you. We are very proud to say that we focus on customer-centric innovation because our customers are part of Dicsa and their satisfaction is our commitment. Our highest responsibility is ensuring that they have all the products and services required at competitive cost. We are continually transforming and developing, to be able to adapt to customer needs.

Extensive stock - Variety of products

A total of 60% of Dicsa´s products belong to its flagship brand TrAle, around 40,000 items. All of them have customer oriented design. 

As regards, Hydraulic Components has its TrAle Range, in which there is a variety of products: filters, pumps and motors, gear flow dividers, electric motors, mini power packs, control valves, joysticks and diverter valves, hydraulic valves, solenoid valves, pressure switches, heat exchangers, hydraulic motors and ISO Hydraulic cylinders…

Dicsa also has TrAle Pneumatic components, with a wide selection of articles for compressed air treatment, as well as, control valves, low pressure valves and pneumatic cylinders.

In addition, it offers a wide variety of TrAle flexible connectors: Hoses, Flexible hose fittings, flow measuring and equipment for flexible hoses. It also has a great diversity of industrial flexible hoses and fittings and pipe connectors, clamps and accessories.

TrAle Security & Efficiency

Dicsa assures quality. We have clearly differentiated ourselves from our competition on the investment made to improve the progressive improvement system of Quality Management, that ensures the highest quality standards and safety. For this reason, in recent years, we have considerably increased our number of certifications. 

Customer centric Innovation

Our customers are our main priority. We are focused on innovation and customers requirements, for this reason we provide professional service tailored to the customer's needs. Since our foundation 35 years ago, we have undertaken by honesty, business integrity and reliability. These values are what inspire and commit us to be leaders. If you trust in Dicsa grow up with you.