New test bench to check hydraulic equipment

Dicsa upgrades its hydraulic capabilities with the new Test Bench BPBH-50

The new high performance test bench is developed for validating and testing hydraulic material modified on our workshop: 
- Gear pumps and gear motors
- Control valves
- Cylinders
- Solenoid valves
Meeting customer’s requirements involves modification of material, as a result the manufacturer no longer takes responsibility and its warranty is no longer valid. Upon this situation, we verify and control that correct and precise manipulation on hydraulic material is performed.
The test bench is based on a dual pump system. The core unit (50HP power) provides up to 84l/min flow and 250 Bar pressure. The auxiliary unit (15HP power) provides a secondary circuit of 40 l/min flow, ranging up to 175 Bar 
The test bench is designed to operate either manual or automatically. Through a practical and intuitive graphical interface several types of predefined cycles can be performed, recorded and stored. The BPBH-50 is very capable yet flexible at the same time and provides the following key information:
- Endurance and life expectancy test (up to 2000 cycles).
- Volumetric efficiency test.
- Peak pressure test (up to 275 Bar)
- Real time simulation on heavy duty working cycles (pressure, flow, temperature and viscosity defined)
- Report test printing / certification
This hydraulic test bench has been developed to meet and satisfy the technical specifications set by Hydraulic Division Manager Mr. Daniel García. As he recently points out: “The test bench BPBH-50 strongly enhances DICSA’s position on the hydraulic national market, only very few companies have this kind of equipment.” and he summarizes: “By supervising the design and manufacturing of the test bench unit, we have certainly adapted it to suit not only our most standard requirements, but also specific and exclusive situations requested by our most exigent costumers.”