Dicsa looks at the future thinking about you

Dicsa publishes on the Fluidos and Interempresas Magazines

Dicsa has presented the latest innovations that has established on the Fluidos and Equipment and Technology Agricultural. The company has expanded its range of Industrial flexible Hoses and Fittings with 200 new references. Dicsa continues to focus on new and innovative products as a way of differentiating it from its competitors. Dicsa looks at the future thinking about you.
This company has also launched onto the market its new models of Multi- way coupling, that have been redesigned by using additive manufacturing. This innovative methodology optimizes the use of raw materials, which is an important landmark to develop more efficient development and production processes. Dicsa innovate with you in mind.
In addition, Dicsa has introduced its new HOSE APP, hat will be integrated on its website and This APP will enable their customers to assemble their own hoses. Further, clients will have access to drawings to avoid possible mistakes. 
On the other hand, Fluidos Magazine has highlighted Trale range of Valves and Cylinders because it is one of the most extensive on the market. All products that are manufactured and distributed by Dicsa are tested rigorously, to guarantee the quality of the final product. Because your satisfaction is our goal.