Spectrographic Analyzer

DICSA is synonym of quality

At DICSA our customers are our most valued asset, for this reason all our Connectors Range are tested using the most modern technology to ensure optimum quality of all our ítems.

This innovative company has a Spectrographic Analyzer to verify the composition of stainless steel products. This machine allows us to check supplier’s technical specifications. Clients can apply 3.1. Certification of Conformity, to ensure the optimum quality.

Our technical team can also check dimensions of pieces automatically, through a Machine Measuring by Coordinates (MMC), which has a precision level in the micron range.

In addition, we have a Salt- spray chamber to test metal corrosion. It allows reproducing corrosive conditions of environments such as salt fog or industrial and urban pollution. According to current regulation ISO 9227, ASTM B 117.

We also check resistance and hardness by using a Vickers Hardness that has a diamond filament that allows to penetrate in all kind of materials, regardless of hardness and thickness.

Our company analyzes functionality of all designs by using a Precision cutting Sawthat allows cutting with high accuracy, even tiny pieces, and we can see the internal characteristics undetectable to the naked eye. We use it to control the design of suppliers pieces and to check first lots, that are manufactured according to drawings. In this way, we can verify designs before large- scale manufacture.

DICSA is synonym of quality because its Research, Innovation and Development investment is constant and progressive. Investment in technological equipment is one of the DICSA priorities, this has made us pioneers in our field.