We design and manufacture customised Hydraulic power packs

Customised hydraulic power packs


Dicsa manufactures it with you in mind. We design and manufacture customised Hydraulic power packs, responding to your specific needs and offering you adapted solutions. DICSA Hydraulic Department studies and evaluates each case in an individualized way and they will adapt designs to technical specifications of each customer.

This Department, formed by highly qualified staff with more than 30 years of experience in its field, has manufactured an innovative Hydraulic Power Pack to trawl of nets in Boats. This Hydraulic power pack is characterized by its high engine power (20 horsepower), three Hydraulic directional control valves and a compact design.

Hydraulic power packs are exclusively manufactured upon request. Our Hydraulic Department can work with customer drawings or making by themselves their own designs. In addition, our staff foster feedback to ensure client satisfaction.