The quickest and most efficiency distribution system

Next- day delivery

DICSA Group has one of the quickest and most efficiency distribution system of its sector. This Company has implemented its W- Express delivery which enables us to have next- day delivery. In addition, buyers can track the real-time shipping status of their orders from initial shipment to arrival on digital platform of DICSA.

/Express orders conditions/

The order must have a maximum of five lines and 15 Kg maximum weight per order. The material must be in stock and cannot include material to be handled. Carriage fees will be charged in invoice.

Limit hours to order is at 5.00 p.m in Spain, Portugal and Andorra, the rest of the countries at 3.00 p.m (Time zone: GMT +1).  Must be independent orders. It will not be possible to add any other material, nor to consolidate multiple orders of this type.

DICSA has another kind of fast delivery, adapted to Spanish and Portuguese companies. Clients can book this type of delivery by phone, Internet, email and fax. Its features are similar to W- Express delivery.

Standard deliveries are for large orders with long preparation times because these articles bellow to different lines and include material that need to be handled. These Orders usually leave DICSA installations next day, so customers can receive their orders in couple of days.

DICSA customers can group together their orders weekly to reduce shipment costs, they also can indicate the requirements date (date on which the components have to be available) and choose the most convenient company of transport.