Clients can test their hoses, fittings and connectors.

Innovation with you in Mind

DICSA offers adapted solutions. Clients can test their hoses, fittings and connectors in our B1703 FLEX dynamic Test Bench. This enables simulation of several working pressures (Square Wave, Peak Wave or Custom Wave).

Custom Waves allow to simulate accurately any variation of cyclical pressure, that happen in different types of hydraulic circuits, adapting to the customer's needs. In addition, this machine enables to imitate several types of movements that are produced by different kind of machineries, either Flex Test or Omega Test.

We place at your disposal a Quality Department and Technical Department formed by professionals highly qualified with more than 35 years of experience in our field. Our team can advise you technically and offer you adapted solutions to specific needs. This technical team will do a preliminary visual inspection and the material will be tested in our Test Bench, once it is completed our team send you a detailed inform, according to Pressure impulse testing standards.

This test is very effective to determinate equipment that fail in specific cases, where working conditions of equipment are not common. Once we discover why and where Hose fail or hose collapse is produced, we offer adapted solutions. These tests are destructive and the cost shall be borne by the client.