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DICSA gets an instrument for establishing the resistance of hoses against abrasion

July 15, 2019



October 23, 2019


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DICSA in Nigeria from 20th to 22th May
May 13, 2019

DICSA participates in Trade Mission to Nigeria from 20th to 22th May. The company will be used to introduce its news, of note among which are its TrAle Gold hoses, characterized by its high resistance abrasion cover. In addition, DICSA has launched its new brand MW- Green Line, with prices highly competitive.

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DICSA includes industrial hoses and fittings in its hose configurator
May 8, 2019

DICSA has included its wide range of industrial hoses and fittings, called IndustrAle in its Hose Configurator (that is integrated on its digital platform). In total, 25 types of hoses have been incorporated, these hoses are capable of hosting a broad range of pressures (from 4 bars to 80 bars) with a working temperature from -40C to + 100C.

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DICSA Artificial Grass
April 26, 2019

DICSA has a wide range of artificial grass with its innovating design at a very competitive price. Its pile height covers from 6 millimeters to 50 millimeters. This versatile artificial grass fits every application. Its innovative composition makes it very resistant to ultraviolet rays and this material is also a flame retardant and is easy cleaning with a domestic vacuum cleaner.

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IndusTrAle®: DICSA industrial flexible hoses & fittings
April 15, 2019

IndusTrAle®: Discover the Dicsa´s brand of industrial flexible hoses & fittings. The company has a wide range of industrial flexible hoses & fittings with even the most demanding specifications. This specialty works in a broad range of industrial uses: water, air, food industry, welding, abrasive, hydrocarbons, chemicals, etc. In total, 25 types of hoses capable of hosting a broad range of pressures (from 4 bars to 80 bars) with a working temperature from -40C to + 100C.

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DICSA extends its facilities and invests in robotics
February 11, 2019

DICSA facilities reach 20.000 square meters. DICSA headquarters is located at Saragossa, Spain and has increased its facilities with 1.200 m2. The new facilities allow an increase of production and automated processes in order to improve efficiency and productivity.

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DICSA Certificates its TrAle thermoplastics hoses & fittings
January 21, 2019

DICSA is driven by quality - TrAle® brand. Type Approval Certificate for thermoplastic Hoses, Ferrules 81014 series and Fittings standard series has been approved by Dicsa. These connectors have passed Leakage test, pressure test, burst test (UNE- EN ISO 1402) and impulse test (EN ISO 6803:2008). In order to ensure that these products achieve the highest levels of safety, durability and optimum operation.

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DICSA achieves the best financial results in its history
January 11, 2019

DICSA reaches a turnover of more than 50 million euros in 2018, this is an increase the turnover by 20% in one year. The rise was particularly pronounced in export markets, where the company has increased its sales by 30%. DICSA is one of the Spanish companies with more presence on the international markets.

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DICSA family celebrates Christmas
December 23, 2018

All members of DICSA have celebrated the good results achieved during 2018 with a Christmas cocktail reception. This event was opened by the Dicsa President, Irene Carmen and the General Manager, Daniel Carmen who make a speech to thank all employees its effort, and dedication. These values have allowed the company to increase its turnover by more than 20% in last year.

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DICSA an example of corporate social responsibility
December 18, 2018

DICSA workers are very much active in Corporate Social Responsibility actions proposed by the management team of the company. These actions are a faithful representation of company values and social awareness. Thanks to the sensitivity demonstrated by the company, DICSA has been awarded for corporate social responsibility.

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